Thursday, July 01, 2010

Your Approval is Not Requested

Apparently my "coolness card" was revoked when I told someone that I went to see Eclipse at midnight. This came from another geek. I didn't know we were even allowed to give those out.

I thought the whole point of being a geek was liking what you wanted and not judging. This came from someone who worships 2 guys who write, basically, a gaming blog and plays a virtual version of Magic the Gathering. He met his one of his best friends growing up by figuring out that the other kid ALSO had an older brother that played D&D. They bonded over that. And now play regularly.

Dude, I love you and all, but your "cred" to hand out "coolness cards" is a little lacking. : )

I've found a lot of anti-Twilight resistance out in the geekdom lately. Maybe I'm just sick of feeling like I need to explain why I like it.

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Jessica Stier said...

I think the problem that "gamers" have with Twilight is that Stephanie (yeah, we're on a first name basis) basically broke all the vampire "rules". I don't understand why they can't handle that. But most of them can't. Which is completely ridiculous since isn't that what gaming is all about? Creating your own rules to the universe?
Whatever. My husband can't handle it and so I just don't discuss anything Twilightish with him. It's his problem, not mine! :)