Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So... in attempt to get back to my blogging about crafting roots, I decided that I needed to actually CRAFT. So I picked up an unfinished project...

Meet Eggbert...
Matthew says he looks like an onion more than an egg. :( Not bad for my first amigurumi project if you ask me! He may be a bit lumpy, but he was mostly for practice anyway. My crochet technique isn't consistent really yet, but I'm getting there.

I found Eggbert's pattern via Owlishly's blog. She makes all kinds of cute dolly patterns to sell in her Etsy store. I've bought her ballerina and little girl patterns and because she thought she took too long to email me the files, she threw in a pattern for her snowflake girl. She REALLY did get back quickly though, within 24 hours, but I wasn't going to turn away a cute and free pattern. They're all really cute! If you see one on her blog that she doesn't have listed on her Etsy, she'll re-list it for you so you can grab it. Her blog also has several free patterns, including Eggbert (she calls them Huevitos).

Next I think I'm going to attempt her hearts (also free on the blog). I just want to do one more simple pattern before I jump into a harder one. Lemme know if any of you jump on in and try a pattern out!

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Peasy said...

Squeee! So cute!