Friday, August 20, 2010

It's demoralizing to see HOURLY people get paid 8 hours when they leave for the day at 9 am. I work, on average, an extra 2.5 hrs a week without OT pay.


KRISTIE said...

Then don't. I won't work with out being paid for it. Don't enough people take advantage and try to get something for nothing. Employeers try to do this too, my time (and yours) is valuable.

Peasy said...

I see it on a daily basis as well. Most of the time I can just ignore it. I file it under the umbrella of "I can't worry about/control the way other people are". However, some days it really gets to me. It's stealing. Plain and simple. I won't do it. I hope that someday they will have to account for every minute that they stole.