Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Great Big Sigh of Relief

Oh glory be. I made it to work today. Now starts the fight to stay up all day. I was up until 2:45 this morning finishing that damn paper for my LBST 300 class. It's finished! Now I get to work until 4, meet for study group at 5 (really my only final left), turn in my paper and watch the rest of the class presentations from 7-10. THEN I get to go home. I think I'll be stopping at AmPm for one of those HUGE cans of Amp sometime today. I don't know how else I'll make it through the day. Let's not forget the sweet nectar of Mountain Dew. I'll taste that sugar for weeks.

Summer break is so close I can smell it!

As much of a pain in the ass that paper was, I learned a lot doing the research on it. I discovered Robert Mapplethorpe. Granted, some of his works fall under the TMI category, but they're still beautiful. I got several books at the school library with his works spread out all throughout and one of just his flower photos. Amazing! Someday when I have a real place to decorate I just may buy a few of his prints. This one was one of my favorites. He had several tulip photos that I just loved. The funny thing was that with all the criticism he got with his explicit stuff, very few seem to notice how sexual his flower pictures are. He's got some gorgeous calla lily photos that are extremely sexual in nature. I'll never look at one quite the same again! :)

Oh how I wish I had money for a Cannon Digital Rebel! I'd have a field day with taking pictures. My creative juices are beginning to flow, it's such a good thing that school ends this week, I've felt blocked for so long and now that I'm getting inspired I'm VERY excited. Sheila is opening her site next week and I've got to make a few more layouts for her to use in her DT area. I'm actually on a DT! I can't believe it. I'll be even m

Funny tidbit: Kristen Bell (of my beloved show Veronica Mars) was voted by PETA as sexiest female vegetarian of the year. (Prince is this year's sexiest male winner) Odd way to get press, but I don't care, any way to get VM more in the public eye is a good thing!