Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Awww man! Back to work!

I had a lovely weekend.

Saturday~ The games were great! I didn't get too many "fun" pictures as we ended up watching Allen compete most the day, but it was a lot of fun! I got some great action shots of Allen (and the underside of his kilt! Oops!) that I'll post when I get home tonight. I also got a picture of Matthew, Brian and Allen in front of the dyed water fountain just before we all went home.

I almost convinced Matthew to let me buy this beautiful Royal Stewart kilt for me for $95 but we really just don't have the cash flow right now. Why does he always have to be practical when it comes to buying stuff for me?! :( Oh well, maybe next year... when I'm skinnier anyway! :D

I had fun scrappin' on Saturday night too. I sorted a bunch of pictures into page piles and almost finshed 1 layout (pictures of the games LAST year) and had a lot of fun chattering away. Next time we're all going to MY place though. I've got the most stuff and I packed WAY too much to go to Katie's. It' one of those fears where I don't know WHAT I want to do yet and then I don't want to leave anything behind for fear I MAY need it.

Sunday~ I organized a lot of pictures that I'd had on my camera. I also backed up my entire file of digiscrap stuff. It's a good thing our external HD is so big. Once I get my own laptop it'll be much better though. We had Liam's 4th birthday party that night too. That kid is too cute for his own good. He's been making these crazy cheese-grins lately for the camera so my brother-in-law figured out to trick him. With camera at the ready you hold up fingers and ask him "how many?". Just do random numbers and take his picture when you get him to say "three". Now we've got his beautiful smile!

Monday~ My good-bye to favorite foods. We went to our usual Indian buffet for lunch. The raida was superb and the makini made me die and go to heaven! Then it was off to see X-Men 3. *Sigh* I was very happy with it. If you still haven't seen it and plan to, make sure you stay until the END of the credits. If you don't you'll miss out on a vital piece of information. We then did laundry (since it got neglected on Saturday) and went for a pizza dinner at my mom's. It was nice and quiet since Dad was studying for a insurance license renewal test and Kate had homework that she'd left to the last minute. Roxanne is out of town visiting my cousins too so it was mostly just me, Matthew and my mom. Then we went to the grocery store on our way home.

I'm starting the George Stella diet today. It's another one of those crazy low-carb suckers. It's very similar to the Susanne Sommers diet... he modified it from Adkins. Trena's sister has lost a crazy amount of weight since January (like 25 lbs or something) on it so here I go! If I stick to it I should be able to a good 30 lbs off by Christmas!! Matthew is doing it too, so that'll help my cause and we're going to start walking too to help it out! So far so good. No carbs today. This one will be tough for me since that's all I really LOVE to eat... rice, potatoes, pasta. I almost cried when we went to the grocery store and realized that there's like 4 isles we can't even go down anymore (crackers/cookies, pasta, bread & cereal). The stuff I'll go through in the name of my health. Ugh! At least I can eat lots of cream cheese and lots of meats and cheeses. Berries too, yum!

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