Saturday, May 12, 2007

Basking in artsy glow

My cousin's hubby attends Otis, a fantastically awesome art school. Well, he attended. He's getting ready for his graduation ceremony as I type this. So last night was the senior art show. AMAZING! I really didn't want to leave. I was just surrounded by art and artsy people and I just soaked up all this creative energy. I've got one week to finish this semester and I'm DYING to just go play play play!

One thing for sure. After last night's little visit to the digital media displays... my next computer will be an iBook of some sort. My brother-in-laws (all 3 of them) are going to have FITS but I'm sorry... no PC is gonna cut the mustard folks. I picked up the business cards of dozens of talented artists. I'm gonna go scope out their websites and link here to the ones I think you'd be most interested in. So many talented people. For now, I leave you with Travis' site. I'm very proud of him, he's worked really hard (he and my cousin, Kristal) to get through this and I'm so glad it's finally culminated. Next stop... get a fantastic job, because you totally will go far with this!!

His site:

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