Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I was wrong. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass doesn't come out until Christmas time. That's actually better because it'll offset the Harry Potter craze that's coming this summer (gives me something to look forward to). I *think* they may be doing the every 18 month thing like HP does (except they'll be offset from each other) because the next one is scheduled for 2009 (12/09 is when HP: HBP would come out) and I think it'd be stupid to compete with it. While both book series are phenominal, HP is the better known of the two and HBP is a better book than The Subtle Knife (imo). GC introduces the trilogy, SK is where LOTS of plotlines of seemingly disconncted stories. It all gets tied up neatly in The Amber Spyglass, but I don't think these books are easily converted into 3 seperate movies. It's more like one movie 3 VERY big pieces. They're fantastic reads though. I just got sucked into them.

Anywho... I went to the movie's site today and took a test to tell me what my daemon is. If you agree just leave it be and in 12 days it'll be settled. If not, you can leave comments to change it. Cool huh? Just like in the books. Go ahead and take your own test. Let me know if I need to comment on yours!

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