Saturday, March 22, 2008

Because I love her so

WAY back when I was young, impressionable and just a regular silly little teenage girl I met a boy. His name was Chris. I won't go into gory details but he was my first boyfriend and continued to be a very good friend for years after. At one point during our odd "relationship" he had told me that he had wanted to end up with a good girl when he was finally ready to grow up. Flash forward almost 6 years to to us being out of high school. I had just been married that January and here it was in March and I was sitting at his wedding!

Lemme tell you something about Lorelei. She's beautiful, outside and in (even her name!). We clicked right away when I'd met her a few months before. We've got similar interests (photography and all that goes with it including graphic design) but she's a lot better at it all than I am. She's another one of those many friends I have that I'm totally jealous of. This girl is stinking talented!! When they lived in my old home town still we saw them a lot more than we do now (almost never) but she and I correspond through emails and MySpace/Facebook.

The funnest part from her emails is the photos she sends out. I get caught up in school so I don't get to visit her site much, but when I do I always step back and gasp. She does web design and takes portraits professional.y. I got an email from her today announcing that her photography website now has a blog. I'm linking to it here in my blog roll. Please feel free to look her up all the time. Her photos are amazing and really deserve to be seen!


Trena said...

Is Chris the one where your Mom wouldn't let him in the house? I love that story!

Lorie said...


After a busy/stressful/crazy filled day, I find this post (by way of seeing your blog link on twitter) and I am literally still trying to catch my breath. Reading your post stole it away from me, out of sheer awe and gratefulness for having such a dear friend like you!!

I'm truely blessed! <3<3<3