Friday, March 28, 2008

Houstan we have a problem

Sorry for not posting lately. My computer (Buttercup) and the internet were sleeping together. Eventhough I thought I'd bought protection for Buttercup, either the condom had a hole in it or some beotch from the internet poked a hole in it for me because Buttercup got a nasty disease. She's now at the clinic trying to rid herself of all the nastiness. Since then, The Green Fairy (laptop) has been very scared of connecting to the world wide web while at home. Do you see my blogging dilemma now? It's made for a lovely week for school as well. Thank heaven Spring Break is finally upon us.

SO in the mean time...

Ever Twitter? I do now. For you that don't know, it means I can update from my cell. As I can't seem to find a spiffy box to just put in my sidebar here yet, just go to my link and it'll tell you what I've been up to. :D

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