Monday, March 31, 2008


Hair & color! No pictures though. :( I actually did it over Easter weekend but haven't been able to really post about it. I've GOT pictures, just no way of posting them just yet. Soon?

Website! I'm LOVING Twitter. Dooce wasn't kidding, it's addicting. It helps that I can text my updates too.

Coworker! Not really new, just came back after a "hiatus". He was supposed to be gone but I guess something happened and now he's coming soon to an office near me. We loved laughing over random obscure crap together so it'll be fun to see his face around here again.

Banner! Not yet... see earlier paragraphs about pictures. I think the banner will be easier to do though... I don't have a memory card stuck in a camera and no other way of reading it in that case. That's what flash memory sticks are for!! :D

Week! Which gets me one closer to summer. This one is special because even though it gets me closer to summer, it dosen't actually require my presence at school to do so.

Cousin! Kinda... she's still in the oven but coming out soon (8-ish weeks). We went to a party in her honor over the weekend (she's really my cousin's baby so she's like once-removed or something). She throws a mean party already. Food, drinks, RockBand (her dad is like a rock star... just not really) and a bunch of silliness ensues. I didn't take many pictures because I'm a retard though. I did get to sing a bit (3-4 songs?). I played bass once and got laughed offstage when I tried the drums. I like singing best, but I'm sure I was the only that liked me ON the mic.



Malia said...

I like your new hair megh! Super cute!

Trena said...

Your hair does look super cute. And don't you just love spring break? The spring semester would always go faster for me than the fall semester.

Lorie said...

Did I miss where you put up pics of the new 'do??

(i should probably trot over to ms or fb, huh? lol)