Saturday, August 19, 2006

They're home! They're home!

My wonderful brother is home!! I'm so freaking happy too! He's all growed up! :D I told you he was big! That's me, the dork with the sunglasses on. ;) (L2R: Matthew, Katie, Adam, me, Dad, Mom, Roxanne) One happy family full of nerds happy to get the biggest nerd home. LOL I'm still kicking myself for not getting a photo of ALL the people that came to see him home. My aunt Robin flew down from the Bay area an hour earlier to see him come home and see my other cousin, Ammon, speak at HIS farewell tomorrow (he's leaving for New Zealand in 2 weeks I think). My uncle John came on his lunch break (he is working on the construction going on at LAX) and my cousins Ammon, Joshua, Amy and Kristal all came too. He was so happy to see everyone. It had been about 3 years since Adam saw Josh since Josh had been out a year on his mission when Adam left.

He was also touched by the sign. He asked how long it had taken me to make it. I told him 3 hours... and it was close to it! It took me much longer than I thought it would to cut all those letters out by hand! It's a Harry Potter font I'd found online a while back and thought it totally fit the space theme I had picked for it (Adam LOVES science fiction). I versa-marked little planets and shooting stars on the letters too once I got them secured onto the poster. I then used my MM paints and cheap foam stamps that I picked up at Michael's to finish it off. I'm rather happy with the overall effect though. (You can click on the pictures to make them a little bigger).

Michael's homecoming was just as fantastic! My mom drove the sibs down to the airport to see him come home too. What a crowd! L2R: Mom, Sarah (sil), Matt (bil), Aaron (bil), Trena (sil), Hal (fil), Melissa (mil), Michael, Matthew, Roxanne, Liam (nephew). Kate and I are down in front. Allison and Liam were very tired of standing around taking pictures so they didn't want to hold still for this one. FYI: Sarah, Aaron, Michael and Matthew are all the siblings... Matt, Trena and I married in. ;) That's my HUGE family... well... immediate families anyway. One day I'll post pictures from our wedding that will show you what kind of extended family I have! LOL

In closing I'll just leave a cute photo of Matthew and Michael. They both ended up serving missions in Boise, Idaho. For family members to serve the same mission is rare, but 2 siblings is crazy! Michael said that there were at least 2 other elders serving with him in the mission that also had older brothers who were sent there. Crazy!!

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