Monday, August 07, 2006

It's been awhile

And that's because I totally lack anything to say but negative gripings about work... and I refuse to blog that stuff anymore.

Dooce quotes that made me giggle today:

Some mothers would be mortified, and I felt a little bit of that, but the strongest emotion I felt was gratitude. I was so glad that there wasn’t someone nearby taking photos because then I would have to explain why I let you smoke cigarettes. And the truth is pretty simple, really: We’re country. My Mama used to let me smoke cigarettes while I sat on her lap in the front seat of a moving vehicle. Many times she would accidentally hit a raccoon with the car, and we’d take it home and put it in the refrigerator. No big deal.

Leta, one day you are going to be someone’s boss, and they are going to have a hard time resisting the urge to write about you on their website.

Someday I'll be able to articulate the need to poke my eyes out with a hot poker as well as she can. I actually felt that way yesterday. Once a month during church they'll have essentially "open mic night" during the main meeting. It can be very cool to hear other people's uplifting stories/experiances, or just what's going on with everyone (makes you count your blessings too). It also opens the doors for the crazies to get up there and talk. Yesterday was a day of crazies. Usually the crazy people are interesting though. Not yesterday. And what's worse than sitting in a meeting where you're forced to listen to boring people talk? Being forced to listen to boring crazy people talk. Bet you didn't know those exhisted eh? Neither did I.

I'm going to hell now. Not just for my previous comments... but because I pulled out my camera while all this was going on and took some really cute pictures of my neice playing with my BIL at the end of the pew too. Right there in the chapel. Yes... I did at least turn off the flash and that cute little fake shutter noise it makes when you take a picture.

Matthew got a great one of her yesterday at his mom's. The neighbors have a plumeria tree and sometimes the flowers will drop into my in-law's yard. We put one in her hair and she looked so stinking cute. He managed to get her to 1) hold still long enough to take a picture and 2) even got her posed. It'll make a great layout. I recently got a cute mini-kit off of Sweet Genevieve's blog that will go perfectly. I've already made a cute LO of her and her brother playing in the yard with it. The two LO's will look great side by side. I'm gonna buy the full kit though for this photo. I need some of the extra cute embellishments that go with it.

As I speak about all this cool stuff... I realize that I really need to update my slider. (It's along the bottom for those of you that haven't ever noticed lol) Maybe I should really just get one for the side of my page. *shrugs* I just don't want it across the top because they're kinda big. I also need to get my butt in gear and make a header for my page too. *sigh* Who wants to give me a lesson in HTML?

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Melessa said...

I can't help with the HTML, but I sure do understand the boring crazy people at church.

I doubt you are going to hell for anything you wrote here or a few cute niece pics. I may be going there, but I don't think you are. :>)