Saturday, July 29, 2006

Quiet thoughts after a long day

That's Sam and me. We're in front of Mondavi at Disney's California Adventure. We're both Disney nuts, scrapping fanatics and just love to talk. We have very similar thoughts on most topics and just totally enjoy talking together.

She and I bonded on a small scrapping chat board over the last (almost) 2 years. Her husband's family was going to do a family vacation in San Diego this upcoming week and she convinced her hubby to come a few days early so that she could go to Disneyland and meet me! Since she lives in the Atlanta area and I'm here in the OC... what were the chances we'd ever get to meet up again? (I would have driven down to San Diego during the week if it hadn't worked out. No way was she going to be in CA and I NOT meet her!) I had a blast with her. Her hubby and little boy were fun too. I know I've said this before but it's so weird to meet someone for the first time face to face when you've already "met" them online. It's crazy how we make friends with people all across the country without ever seeing their faces. The world really is getting smaller in some ways. Now to start bugging Matthew about making a few days stop in Atlanta when we eventually go to Disney World. Or better yet, plan a WDW trip together!

Here's what we were waiting for. Cool huh? We actually got to see Lightning McQueen! T. Mater was there too. Disney never fails to amaze me. The fireworks show at Disneyland are just amazing for the 50th celebration. She got a cute streaky picture of Tinkerbell last night (the only kind you can get because it's dark and she moves so fast)... I couldn't get one at all! I'm going to get one, one day!! I did get a couple fun ones of the show though.

We also came across "Jack Sparrow" in New Orleans yesterday. He was cute, but just wasn't the same. I'm going to make a point to go back and take a picture with him though. *sigh* I'm really glad they've done more to play up the whole Pirates thing there. The ride had a mile long line... 5 people deep. No thanks! I can always catch it later. But they also had pirate singers on the street and the Jack guy running around. Awesome! Even if I don't catch him this year... the third movie is out next summer!

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ScrappyGuy said...

You guys look so cute together!!! So, were we right? Isn't Sam a nutball?? heehee