Friday, July 14, 2006

New LO

I was so proud of my first attempts at doodles that I HAD to come on here and post it before going to bed... Not bad if I say so myself!

It's from DSFX (of course) the Faith line. Well the flowers are at least. I shape cropped them from the beautiful papers. And the ribbon is from DSFX too... although I enhanced the pink a little. Sheila's original has a beautiful pink/yellow irredescent look to it... I needed more pink this time though.

Fonts: Bickley Script & Century Gothic

I've been wanting to do a layout to commemorate Momma Sue for awhile now but I just didn't have the pictures. She was very BEHIND the scenes. It makes me sad now since I don't have many pictures of her now. I have a few of her at my wedding and that's really it. This photo was taken in January after Malia's birthday dinner. It was a nice touch. I think I'll make a 2nd page to go with it that will have a picture of my pal Erin in it. I think the *perfect* one is yet to be taken... but I do have a cute one with her that I've scrapped in the past that I could use too. *Yawn* Time for bed!

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