Saturday, July 22, 2006

Money sucks

I registered for school this week. 9 units=$1,505. That's right. I have to pay the full-time rate, eventhough by all other counts, full time is 12 units, not 7+. I wouldn't mind so much if I really could AFFORD it but somehow the government has decided that I'm not broke enough to constitute giving me help. I find it especially aggravating because I know people who have a higher combined income, rent nicer places than I do, have kids and still have more money to get by... but because they're not married to their significant other they classify as an unemployed single mother, therefore get school money. WTF?!?! And they wonder why the divorce rate is higher and there are more single parents out there... because it pays to be in that situation. I work full time, go to school "full time" (or at least PAY like I do), I'm just BARELY scraping by and I don't qualify for financial aid!?!?!?!?!?

Let's also not forget that because I am married but have no kids that I'm not getting a tax break. Let me see... I'm married, can't afford to have kids, so I'm on the pill. You'd think that because I'm being responsible and not bringing children that I can't afford into this world that I'd get some incentive. I want a pat on the back for not being on welfare thank you very much. Where's my friggin hand out? Everyone else gets one... where's mine?

I work hard for what I do. I want to be able to say I paid my way through school, but c'mon. I should get a tuition break or SOMETHING for being self sufficient. It's not like I'm going to an expensive private university... I'm going to a state college. Not even a state university... COLLEGE. Not UC Fullerton... CSU Fullerton. Do we see the difference? C'mon give a girl break folks! And what am I going for? Teaching... so I can slave away for the state and give other kids a free education. I thought we had this system built upon the concept that everyone deserves an education. Why are they making it so freaking hard for me to get one then? And I'm not going into a field that will just make me rake in the big bucks either... I'm going to turn my education around and perpetuate the system... I think I should be going for free thanks! Veterans and teachers get free school!

For those that are still here. Thanks for bearing with me. It's been a crazy week.

DSFX is moving... we're getting ever closer to opening. Laura got my 1st item up. I thought I'd have more quickpages ready to go by now but I've hit a snag. Seems that eventhough I've set my defaults to 300 dpi... they haven't been saving there. UGH! Thank heaven I've been saving my PNG and my JPG files for my LO's! I'm going to have to remake a bunch of Instant FX pages though. GRRR!

Today I've been trying to re-organize all my digital kits and such. The way I've been doing it was essentially saving onto the hard drive 2x each. So now I'm trying to cut back on the excess file usage. My Picture It has been freezing a lot lately and I'm hoping its due to that. If it's another issue I don't know HOW I'm going to be able to run PSE4 when I get it. *fingers crossed that it helps*

Love you all... thanks for reading my rant! ;)



Anonymous said...

My first semester at school full time tuition at CSU was about $650. And it was what you said when I finished, you can thank Arnie for the price hike! It does suck your right....


Pixie said...

Nope, I thank Mr. Davis for ruining the state so badly that Arnie had to hike the prices.