Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In thought today...

If you would have told me in HS that the girl I fought the most with would end up being my best friend I would have fallen down dead from laughter. Now what's our friendship like? I called her from work at lunch to B&M about some drama going on. My other best friend has been there off and on for years (since 5th grade really). I'm really glad I still have her... those 2 are what's keeping me sane lately. Except scrappin' of course... then I've got my SL/DSFX girls. They've got my back! Internet friends are just so different from "real life" friends.

OMIGOSH! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Dooce today. I only wish I could have been there to watch those boys’ faces as they ate the “guacamole”. That woman is a riot.

*Sigh* Oasis- Champagne SuperNova... that song just takes me home.

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