Saturday, July 15, 2006

As I listen to my iPod.

Okay so I totally enjoy Johnny Cash's songs... but so much more with Joaquin Phoenix singing. I think it's that "hotness" factor that's getting in the way. Cash did a great cover of a NIN song shortly before he died. I really like it... in fact ever since Walk the Line came out KROQ plays it quite often. When they play NIN's version I find myself getting annoyed because I wanna hear Johnny. But then if I hear the REAL Johnny singing Walk the Line or Ring of Fire (which I still LOVE the Social D version) it's not as cool.

Britney. Spears. Yes, I occasionally enjoy her old pop stuff... not any of that post-Madonna/Federline whorish crap (essentially her first 2 albums). This song in particular... Lucky... somehow strikes a chord with me. I actually bought (and listened to quite often) her first album I gave it away after she went all weird. Another song by her, Stronger, is a great girl power anthem. And no matter what, I'll always love her videos. Her singing may be fakish but that girl can DANCE.

Yellow Submarine. The Beatles. What else can I say? Ringo is my favorite. It used to be Paul, but then I grew up and realized that looks aren't everything. Granted, the man still is a great person and he's awesome blah blah but for whatever I just seem to GET Ringo more. This is of course all shallowness anyway as I don't really KNOW these men. Ringo was Mr. Conductor for a bit on Shining Time Station (before the Thomas the Tank Engine cartoons stood all by themselves). He did a kids show... loved it! This song makes me think of my teenage years as I bought the movie on VHS for my dad's birthday gift when I got my first job. That was my link to him... music.

The Unforgiven, Metallica. *Sigh* I always feel guilty for calling their music a spiritual experience, but I have no other way to describe that feeling I get at a show or when I hear one of their songs at the perfect music. They've been the background soundtrack to my life for close to 10 years now. I know there are fans out there that have listened since the beginning and they trump me in that way... but I feel them down to my core, I think that should be a good indicator of my dedication. We don't really buy music DVD's in this house... but I've got S&M and Some Kind of Monster... and I actually WATCH them. SKM scares me though... they were so close to collapsing. That movie made me love Rob all the more. His addition marked a new era with them, and boy am I glad that Jason's departure didn't ultimately break the band, because then I'd have to hate him and I really don't want to do that.

"Take a bow, the night is over..." Madonna... wow. An icon, but yet I'm so pretty much over her. I mean, I'll still listen to her if she's on the radio (cause you know my rock station plays her always... oh wait... no, not at all) but yeah. That aspiration to see her in concert is gone. She's just not my thing anymore. I like her older stuff better any how. Ray of Light was good... I'm just not into that newer stuff... anti-American, look at me I'm "British" now crap.

No Doubt. Took the world by storm and Gwen became the it girl. I still love her. I'm glad she's doing her side work and I like that album too. The Alice in Wonderland theme sure helped too. I really like Alice. I may blog about that another time. They're another band that seems to be the background for key moments of my life. Most of it was from Tragic Kingdom. I like ND as a whole... the "they're not ska anymore" argument doesn't bother me. Eric left... they had to change... get over it. Their cover of It's My Life is brilliant. I love it, the original leaves me cold... it just sounds vintage 80s, ND's version sounds so much MORE 80s somehow... I think it's the major presence of syths. Either way, I really liked it.

Matisyahu. Another WOW. A total whitey singing awesome reggae. Another spiritual experience in music. I normally avoid religious music but this guy is amazing and he seems to leave out the specifics... it's probably because he's Jewish and not Christian... it's amazing how that can make such a HUGE difference. Kudos to him. I think it's awesome that he does it.

Blue Monday- New Order... can you get any more 80s than this? 80s music baffles me sometimes. I love it all, but I never really listened to music at that stage in my life (I was born in '81 if that helps put it in perspective) but I'll hear some songs that just blast me away to being little and playing on McDonalds playgrounds, rubber bracelets, "favas" (what as a small child I dubbed those neon colored spiral-Slinky like bracelets), My Little Pony and She-Ra. I remember 21 Jump Street and CHiPs... I knew ERIC ESTRADA and JOHNNY DEPP before I could write my name in cursive. Ha ha! I guess I always had a sense of the music that was around me, without ever acknowledging it.

The Killers... oh how I love them. From the moment I first heard them I was in love. I can't wait for their new album (I just don't want to have to buy it 3 times like the last one). They became superstars almost instantly. They're HUGE. I don't think it could have happened to a nicer group of guys either. They're unbelievable. *Sigh* Click the link... it'll play their new song for you.

Ooop! Another Metallica song... I guess we're done with the blog as I said I'd type until it repeated. ;D So someone go ahead and tell me again about how iTunes DOES shuffle... no it doesn't.

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