Thursday, July 13, 2006

We just keep plodding along

Server issues had to push DSFX back again. Laura has been plugging along in the store as well. I've really gotta get my arse in gear for example LO's and our Intant FX pages. I thought summer was supposed to be lower key than during the semester!

Anam ("Oh to sit still" to the right in my links) pointed me towards another lovely blog today. Great insight as to what we need to remember when we scrap. I've been doing more artsy fartsy pages lately due to the fact that they look better to sell for DSFX... I think my digi LO's in general journal less. There are a few where I've got blocks of journaling, but I need to work on that more.

My poor paper has been severely neglected lately. I think there's a scrapping shindig at church this afternoon... maybe I'll throw some paper in my tote and go for a bit. I can't wait for a laptop... then I can do all the chatty stuff that goes with a crop... and use my tools of choice... a lot more compact than a wall full of shelving units. Paper still grabs at me though. It's that HOLDING it in your hand thing I guess. I think I'll be doing the whole print/cut/paste look more too. Sheila's stuff is so yummy I could easily see myself using it as printables for the stacks of pictures I have from the previous 24 years to do. What a chore finishing all those books will be. Someday I'll start moving on it too. LOL

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