Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kingdom Come- Book #3

This book (YES IT'S A BOOK!) was a Christmas gift from my friend Allen. I've always liked comics but never been as into them as I have been the last few years (we can all happily blame Allen). I still don't read many, but that's mostly because it takes a lot of disposable income to read the ones I'm really interested in, and who has that these days? Not me!

As I'm unwrapping this, Allen says to me "I hope this doesn't end our friendship." You have to understand something... me, not a Superman fan. I feel like he's taking all the glory and totally cheating... he's a freaking alien! Wonder Woman? Boring! Batman on the other hand... HE'S THE MAN! I mean, assuming they were real...

Animated cartoon wise, I was never a fan of the Justice League either (did you watch it? HOW?). I've always considered myself more of a Marvel girl that made exceptions for Batman.

I think I kinda like DC a bit more now. Allen knows me well though. He knows I like post-apocalyptic stuff. This book is more like what would happen if the superheroes ACTUALLY WERE the cause of the apocalypse. So you can imagine how I'd probably be interested right there. I found it somewhat similar to The Watchmen if you want to draw comparisons, but it is totally different. I really enjoyed the art and the story was great!

Thanks Al!

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