Sunday, February 27, 2011

Plum Lucky- Book #5

I was still waiting on Hot Six and Seven Up when I grabbed this one (at the same time as Spooky). As you can guess, it's another holiday Plum book.

I liked this one better than Spooky. As you can see, it revolves around St. Patrick's Day and felt a little more like a regular numbers book. More bounty hunting (I think I forgot to mention that Stephanie is a bounty hunter... a really bad one that somehow still manages to find her FTA's) in this one than in Spooky, which means more of her usual side-kicks and wackiness.

I finished this one a couple weeks ago and have in my possession a copy of Hot Six from the BPL now. It and a copy of Archenemies have been sitting there on my table for 2 weeks while I work my way through The Other Boleyn Girl. That will be my next review. I wanted a break, and the Tudors are a VERY different world than Stephanie Plum!!

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