Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Metro Girl- Book #1

This year I resolved to read a book a week. I doubt it will happen exactly that way, but I plan to TRY to read more at least!

First book... Metro Girl by Janet Evonovich

Years ago Trena got me hooked on her Stephanie Plum books (One for the Money, Finger Lickin' Fifteen etc). I LOVED them but didn't have a heck of a lot of time to read them as I was in school and felt that if I could make time to read, I could read my textbooks. So, for many years I only read for pleasure around Christmas and the summer! Harry Potter and Twilight took a lot of that time, but I borrowed the odd Plum book.

Flash forward to a couple months back, where I finally got tired of not getting my hands on books and FINALLY made the trip to the Buena Park Library and got myself a card! I started the Plum books, in order this time, resolving to read them now! The BPL is small, so not all the books I want are readily available 100% of the time. Metro Girl was sitting next to the Plum books and the next one that I needed wasn't in, so I grabbed it and what I thought was just another Evanovich book. Turns out it was the sequel to MG and I happened to read them in order.

Alex Barnaby (aka Barney) is this series' heroine. She's girly, but knows her way around a car as she was practically raised in her dad's mechanic shop. She comes to Miami in search of her brother after a disturbing phone call from him. She's now running around south Florida and the Keys looking for him with a NASCAR driver. Craziness ensues. If you like the Stephanie Plum books, I'd recommend these as well! Alex is a little more confident than Stephanie, but she's great at getting herself into trouble too.

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