Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plum Spooky- Book #4

We're back to Stephanie Plum books! I still haven't picked up with the numbers yet (they only have 1 paperback copy of #7 and I'm on a waiting list for it) so I grabbed one of the "between-the-numbers" books (they're all holidays).

Trena told me that they're not needed to read the number books. They're not, but I think I wish I had done a weensy bit more research before reading them. If you haven't started any of the Plum books, I think I'd start from One and go through but find out the publication dates of the between books and read them in the order they were written. They're not quite as good because Stephanie has two men in her life that make you gooey. The pull between the 2 makes for some great reading and tension and that isn't present in the holiday books. There's a 3rd guy in them and Stephanie pretty much writes him off because she's got enough complications. There IS a supernatural theme/twist to them though.

Any who- I believe this is the newest of the holiday books, but I read it first. It wasn't necessary to the plot but there are characters in it that I wish I had met before I read this one. Also it gives tiny spoilers to the number books if you play close attention (they overall have no plot clues, just the "current" dynamic in Steph's love life).

This one was a bit spookier than normal which was nice for a Halloween themed book, but don't let that hold you back if you're a 'fraidy-cat. It's not like a horror book at all!

Overall, I'd say a B+ for this one.

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