Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Apparently California has an accent

I called Kentucky today. I talked to a very nice man from one of our material manufacturers to order some more product brochures. I didn’t tell him where I was from other than company name but when I gave him the address he wanted to know where in California I was. So… either he knows every sheet metal company in the country to have an idea where I was located, OR he could tell from talking to me. Maybe there was a caller ID included but I doubt it because he asked for a contact number.

Anyway it was amusing… but not as amusing as his adorable southern accent. It was really hard not to start talking that way. I tend to echo accents and it’s really hard not to (since I don’t want to offend them… go figure). Lately I’ve noticed that I really pick up on southern and New Zealand the most. How often to I hear the Zealander accent you ask? Pretty often actually, one of our manufacturer reps is a Kiwi and I could talk to her all day. I’ve noticed a lot of them at Disneyland lately too (since it’s their summertime now I’m sure). It’s such a fun accent, similar to Australian, but softer.

I'm just saying. ;)

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