Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow in Malibu?

Yesterday, well this whole week really, had crazy weather. It actually started with snow in the 909 last Friday.

The 909 (for you non So Cal folks that read my blog) is more accurately San Bernardino and Riverside counties. They’re the outer edge of the Los Angeles hub, also known as the IE (Inland Empire). During the summer they are the armpit of LA as they are HOT and pocketed in by the mountains so all the yucky air gets trapped there as well. They also have a certain stereotype (much added to and hyped by my morning folks at KROQ, the Kevin & Bean Show) as the Valley of the Dirt People. It’s the last area of LA that still somewhat underdeveloped (thus the dirt). The appeal of living there is it’s still got “cheap” housing ($400k for a nice sized house in the middle of nowhere still is steep if you ask me but similar homes in my area can be easily $6-8 hundred K), but it’s far out there. It’s also more prone to fires in the fall, less likely to get rain in the winter and gets triple digits pretty regularly in the summer. San Bernardino was also the Methlab capitol of the country for years. See why it’s got a bad rep? For those of you that watched the OC, Chino was in the 909. ; )

But back to the weather here; so we had snow in the 909 on Friday. And as one of my guys told me over the phone that afternoon “Not just snow… a friggin blizzard!” Of course that was somewhat understandable, they are the foothills of actual mountains after all. Not such a big deal, but it was just getting started.

Record lows overnight and during the day all week (we got to the low 20s at night… not cool in the land of palm trees!) and then…all kinds of crazy! We had actual snow in Malibu yesterday. SNOW. IN. MALIBU. They closed the northbound 5 through the Grapevine too. Crazy!

And then this morning my car was frozen. I’ve had ice on my windshield before… but not my whole windshield!! I’ve gotten ice crystals before on the roof/hood, but not actual ICE. I had to let the car run with the defroster blasting and then get out of my car after a few minutes and SCRAPE ICE off before I could leave.

It’s worse than just cold though. It’s ruining our crops. California is known for being able to raise produce year round, especially citrus. Prices are shooting up everywhere and we’re losing avocado, orange and strawberry crops like mad! CRAZY!!

Anyway… catch my slide show… none of those pics are mine though. ; ) Enjoy our crazy California weather!

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Dot said...

At least you could open your car door! I've had several occasions when I couldn't open ANY of my 4 doors to get inside to blast the defroster... or get my ice scraper! :P