Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cult films never live up to the hype

I finally saw The Crow last night. I should have seen it in 1994. I would have liked it better then. I enjoyed it, I'd watch it again, it's not my newest favorite movie, nor did it ever change my life. I also don't understand what the HUGE staying power it seems to have. As Satan said in South Park last Halloween... "BUT… nobody better show up as The Crow! I'm serious. Every costume party there's like fourteen guys come dressed like the Crow 'cause they wanna look hot and hook up. IT'S LAME! If you come dressed as the Crow, you're NOT GETTING IN to the party!"

Granted... occasionally he was hot, I'm not that into it I guess. He kinda reminded me of Ville Vallo of H.I.M. Hot in one shot and NOT in another. LOL I don't get Goth culture. It intrigues me, but I guess I don't GET it. I honestly at one point asked where Azrael Abyss and Circe Nightshade were (SNL reference for those of you that don't know... I'm sorry... I LOVE Chris Kattan and you can educate yourself here and here).

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Dot said...

HAHAHAHA! I LOVED that South park episode! Oh- and I just recently saw The Crow, too... and I have to agree that I would have liked it more back then, too. I remember seeing parts of it, but never the entire thing until recently.

And yes, the SNL thing was good... hehe