Monday, August 13, 2007

Do the iPod shuffle

I stole this from Melessa. I'm not sure how she found my blog... but she commented one day and I check in on hers about once a week. Don't you love being nosey? I do! Reading random stranger's blogs is the best! She's a bad-girl Mormon too. LOL We're the funnest types!!

She had a fun idea though... she posted the first 10 songs on her iPod that shuffled in. Here's what I got:

1. Don't Speak- No Doubt
2. Just Another Day- Oingo Boingo
3. Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds- The Beatles
4. Swing Swing- All American Rejects
5. Dude Looks Like a Lady- Aerosmith
6. I Saw Her Standing There- The Beatles
7. Stupify- Disturbed
8. Come Original- 311
9. Behind the Crimson Door- H.I.M.
10. Crazy- Aerosmith

Did any surprise you? Not me. I'm pretty good about keeping "embarrassing" music to a minimum on my iPod. I'm always afraid that Psycho Mike from KROQ is gonna show up and do the whole iPod police thing. That would be BAD. (Click here for another funny Psycho Mike moment... he has a run in with a Scientologist!)

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