Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is there something wrong with me?

So, I've been playing around with my iPod & playlists lately. I've never really had lists in my pod, just a bunch of songs that play on shuffle. I've recently made one that I thought would be more calming on me, "I Grew Up on This." Wanna know who's on it? I find it really strange, but maybe it's just a product of my generation.

Dire Straits
Elton John
Fleetwood Mac
Peter, Paul & Mary
Phil Collins
Rolling Stones

And that's just the music that was supposed to be an influcnce from my parents. I've got a whole other playlist called "I Was an 80s Kid" for all the stuff that I listened to as a kid in the background (music I heard but wasn't really aware of until I was older and "wiser").

I guess it just seems strange because I don't know very many people that would have a lot of those bands in their "comfort" music section, let alone that particular assortment. I also left the musical soundtracks off of it, that's another play list too. I dunno. Maybe it's not so weird. I just know that I feel like the product of hippies when I listen to it. LOL


Jessica Stier said...

I AM the product of hippies. Maybe that's why I relate to pretty much every singe band/artist you listed... :)

Trena said...

Um - those are all the bands I love! Aaron doesn't like Classic Rock or anything like that, but I love it! And yes, Jessica is a product of hippies! Her parents are the best!

Danna said...

Hippy Parents here too, and the music too! :)
BTW Hi Megan! How's CA?