Sunday, February 24, 2008


What a weekend we had! I had a lot of fun though. From Across the Universe, to Zoot Suits (close enough anyway) it was a fun weekend. I'm really kicking myself for not taking more pictures but we'll see how we do.

Starting with Thursday. It was V-day. I'm not a huge fan so Matthew knows better than getting me stuff because he feels like he has to. He got me flowers just because a few weeks ago so that actually made me happier than flowers that day would have. (One of the guys at work did ask why I didn't have anything on my desk that day though, lol)

We went to dinner at Ruby's (where they gave me a carnation and for some strange reason it made me silly giddy) then to Target for a little walk around. We bought Across the Universe on DVD and brought it home.

I had wanted to catch this film while it was in the theaters, but it just didn't work out. I really enjoyed it!! It's like watching a Baz Luhrmann production of the Beatles. Granted, Baz had nothing to do with it, but you get the idea. If nothing else, you know the music will be great. Did I mention the cameo by Bono? He sings I Am the Walrus. Koo koo ka choo folks. ;)

Friday was our friend Matt's bachelor party. They did the usual... go to a "family" restaurant where the waitresses wear semi-skimpy uniforms and then a goofy round of mini golf. They all dress up in argyle and plaid (wearing tams and flat caps too) and take goofy pictures the whole time. I don't have any of them right now but I'll post some when I get 'em. You can always check my first video on YouTube... there are a few of them buried in that slide show. (1:06, 1:36, & 2:21)

I went with Trena to watch Katie's kids while she and Skip went out. We had fun. Belen takes less and less time to adjust to me everytime I see her. She and Matthew bonded the last time we went to Disneyland (he took her all though the fun stuff at Toon Town). She lit up and liked me better when we reminded her about how much fun she had with him last time we saw her. He's so much better with little kids than I am.

Saturday I went to Scrapbook expo with Trena, Malia and Jenny. I found my friend Cindy while we were there to. I ended up buying a few things. I only took a few pictures though because most of the booths didn't allow them (the kits were gorgeous though!!)

The SEI truck (I couldn't resist!)

Jenny's son, Gavin. He was as good as gold the whole time!

Mia, me, Trena, Gav & Jenny just before going home

All my loot! I had fun at Rusty Pickle!!

That night we dropped by Matt & Kim's new apartment. They get married on Leap Day so she was working on her dress at her parents' house. Matt had us over to check out their new diggs. Lemme just tell you, I'm having Kim come in and help me with decorating our place! She did an awesome job and had only been moved in for a week!

Sunday brought church. I gave a lesson in Relief Society about the Book of Mormon. It was a great lesson with lots of fantastic comments from the women. I love my calling and my ward!!

Monday brought chores and the "dreaded" shopping trip. Chores first: helping Trena and Aaron build furniture. LOL It wasn't really OUR chores, but the sooner they got done the sooner we all could go shopping. We took a run down the the Orange Circle (old town Orange has all kinds of cool antique shops and the like) to try out Sir Wicket's first. Turns out it was our only stop! Both the guys found suits that worked perfectly for Matt's wedding, yay!

Then we walked a block down to visit the Orange Antique Mall (where Matthew and I had purchased my wedding rings). After walking around for a bit (Rambling Rose was closed... they're the estate jewelry place where my rings came from) and admiring all the retro Pyrex dishes (I know where to go for Trena's birthday now) we were on our way out. I stopped at a little jewelry rack and found some awesome pearls for my dress and a really cute magnet while I was waiting in line that I just HAD to have:

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