Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Voice of Reason

That was NOT me the other night. Ha ha! Talk about role reversal.

I've always had more guy than girl friends. The few females I hang out with tend to be more like me in that respect. It makes for less drama most times. I became particularly bonded to a group of boys in high school that I stay in contact with a handful of today. Back in the day I would try to be "one of the guys" as much as they'd let me, but I was always the voice of reason. Be that with dating psychos, telling them to be careful, or quit causing trouble. It must have been the motherly instinct in me.

One of which we went out with twice last week. He's dating a new girl (now known as "Red")and we wanted to get to know her (did I mention I'm still very protective of these guys?). We went to Disneyland both times. Let me just tell you, he's not in a rush to put us together again any time soon. I felt myself turning back into a teenager, but this time I was the reckless one! Matthew and my friend kept shaking their heads at us girls. How often does that happen?

When DL closed we walked down Downtown Disney for awhile and then walked around the hotels. There was a really cool path that we wanted to go down, but it was blocked off with chains and trash cans. Red and I found ways in that were only chained off and we kept telling the guys that since the chains were only knee-high that it was okay to just step over them and keep going. No big deal. The boys won. But not before we became giggling crazies (Peas, you and I had better NEVER hang out like this or we'll really get into trouble!).

Then we walked over to this place where there used to be a dancing water/light show. They shut the show down YEARS ago, but left the concrete pond there. She and I kept talking about how easy it'd be to hop the fence and go climb the trees now planed along the back of the "stage". I even went so far as to test a door that looked like another way in. Locked dang it! Right about then my friend pointed out a guy watching us and insisted he was security watching us. I still believe it was just some random guy watching the "drunk" people making @$$es of themselves... I never need to drink to get punchy thankyouverymuch!

We walked around some more. We finally got the boys to climb through the bushes with us. It was a worn path in the dirt that we were sure the gardiners use to check the lights and sprinklers, but we felt vindicated that we got to be rebels finally. LOL

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Trena said...

I always knew you were a rebel.