Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

I didn't get to see it completly blacked out as I had class, but I took this one around 6:30 pm on the 20th. I hadda lighten it up quite a bit with Laura Barden's Light & Shadows action. It worked pretty well. Before all you could see is a glimmer of the windows on the right side and the moon/lamppost lights were just white blobs. Cool huh?


Jessica Stier said...

I'm SO GLAD you posted this picture. I was waiting all day to see the eclipse and then we ended up having heavy cloud cover and rain so I didn't see a single eensy teensy bit of the moon at all. I was seriously bummed! It looks fantastic.

Trena said...

So cool! You know I don't stay up late enough it see it!