Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I feel emo

That is how sick I am. It's rather sad really. Next time you have a sore throat... go to your local Korean market and get some Citron tea. It's like lemon/citrus marmalade but you put it in hot water. I'm telling you it's the BEST stuff. It gets rid of all that gooey stuff in your throat and is oh so soothing!

People magazine also had an article about Harry possibly dying in this last book. The article included a parent's guide to helping children cope if such a situation was needed. (Courtesy of Mugglenet.com)

I'm done now. Off to bed.

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Trena said...

Oh Meghan! I'm so sorry you are so sick! I hope you feel better really soon. We sure did miss you this weekend. Let me know if you need anything! (P.S. Tell Matthew to stop sleeping with the A/C on!!!) :)