Monday, June 04, 2007

I’m not a Pitt fan

Don’t get me wrong, the man IS gorgeous. I’m just not into him. I enjoy the few of his movies he’s been in (that I’ve seen), enjoy the eye candy, and move on. I saw Troy for Orlando and extra credit (I happened to be taking western civ. that semester), saw Snatch because it was on at a party, Mr. & Mrs. Smith for Angelina, Ocean’s Eleven because you just gotta… you get the idea. I’ve never seen Seven, Legends of the Fall, Fight Club, Babel or most of his “great works”.

I think it’s because I’ve never liked Mr. Popularity types. In high school I was able to acknowledge that the popular guys were cute but never had crushes on them or daydreamed about going to prom with them. The guys I liked had their own air of cuteness, and usually made me laugh a lot. That’s why I always say that if I had met Matthew in HS I’d never had married him. He was one of THOSE guys. He wasn’t Mr. Popular, but he was an obvious cutie with girls all over him. I think it’s the competition factor. Why would I want a guy that all the other chicks want and I’d have to fight them off all the time? Not interested. I actually would have had a crush on his funny/“geeky” brother. Funny how timing in life is so important huh?

I think it’s carried over into my celebrity crush thing too. Orlando being the exception, I’m not really into the guys that everyone is into. When I first “fell in love” with Johnny I was like 6 or 7. Not many little girls my age and up through middle school were into him because he was “old”. I wasn’t into Jonathan Brandis, the Cameron brothers (K and M) or anyone in New Kids on the Block, but I loved JD. I went through a Jonathan Taylor Thomas phase (middle kid on Home Improvement) but in my defense, he wasn’t THAT popular. :P I liked Leonardo Dicaprio, but got annoyed by a lot of the attention he got for William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (one of my favorites) and totally turned off after Titanic. I still like him as an actor, he’s improved by leaps and bounds the last couple years (if you haven’t seen The Aviator or The Departed, you MUST) and I think I’m a fan again.

Anyway, back to the point of this entry. My morning show was giving away tickets to the premier screening of Ocean’s Thirteen for the umpteenth time this morning. They called the game Pitt Stop and they played clips from Brad Pitt movies and you had to identify them to get into the drawing to get the tickets. They played clips from (in this order): Snatch, Seven, Babel, Troy and Fight Club. By the time they reached the clip for Fight Club they announced that because no one had been able to guess any yet that it was sudden death (the first person to be smart enough to figure it out wins). Now… I knew them ALL but Babel because I don’t know anything about that movie, but if I had I know I would have been able to figure it out. The clips were THAT obvious folks. They said if you’re a big Pitt fan it should have been easy. I’m not and I was able to do it.

Snatch- some of his gibberish talking to another guy with a thick cockney accent (he plays an Irish gypsy in that movie and the running joke is the accent is so crazy that you can’t understand a word he says during the entire movie except for the occasional “f*ck”). The guess was some movie I’d never heard of.
Seven- some guy describing how he killed a woman and BP protesting having to listen to it (I guess there was a line about wrath in there somewhere too, but I never heard it). The guess was Fight Club.

Babel- something about a girl getting shot in the neck and please call the embassy. Obvious enough I’m sure if I knew the plot of the movie. The guess was Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Troy- I can’t remember WHERE in the movie it was but the name Achilles was said at least 4 times during it and there was a bunch of “people remember kings, not warriors” b.s. in it too. That guy was taking too long so you could tell he was trying to Google it, they hung up on him.

Fight Club- BP was asking some guy to punch him and must have had the word “fight” in it 6 times… that guy finally got it right.

You know what was really sad about the whole thing? Last week they did the same thing with George Clooney (I’ve seen even LESS of his movies) and was able to identify 3 of them… one of which I’d never seen either (Good Night and Good Luck and it was a clip where they were talking about TV and ratings). The other 2 were From Dusk ‘Til Dawn and Batman and Robin (he was a HORRIBLE Batman btw).

Since we have all this movie talk… have you heard about the new program at select Regal theaters? They have a pager thing they give you that you can let the manager know when someone/thing is being disruptive during the movie. No more having to get up and go find someone! You just have to push a little button!! :D What a great idea!!

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Dot said...

HAHAHAHA! I heard that this morning, too!! I thought that tattle-tale button skit was awesome! I couldn't stop laughing... but I had to turn it when Ralph started saying b*tch, since Colby was in the room... oopsie! hehe