Saturday, June 09, 2007

I was raised in Moz Angeles

Okay. To be fair, it was Los Angeles' suburbia. But I'm such an LA girl at heart. I LOVE the city. I don't mind the traffic (probably because I don't drive in it EVERY day) and there is a TON of cool stuff to do there. One of which I did last night.

I went here:
To see him:
It was awesome! They also annouced before the show that he was electing to film the performance "Morrissey: Live at the Hollywood Bowl." Which means I'll eventually get to buy the show on DVD or something! I'm so excited for that fact because I was REALLY bummed to find out that we weren't allowed to bring in cameras. When we got there they barely looked in our bags, thusly we could have TOTALLY smuggled a camera in Trena's bag. Grr! I had wanted to bring a disposable one so that in case we got caught no big deal right? I totally ran out of time though. Now I know for the next time I go to the Bowl at least... and I have a total excuse to buy the DVD!!
He sang Irish Blood, English Heart and How Soon is Now? (my favorite Morrissey and Smiths songs respectively). I was bummed that he didn't sing Big Mouth Strikes Again, but we knew from researching other play lists from previous shows on this tour it was unlikely. I was really bummed for Trena because she really wanted him to sing Suedehead and he didn't (which HAS been on the lists). He did sing There Is a Light that Never Goes Out though. I'm pretty sure he closes all his shows with that one. We also got to hear Everyday Is Like Sunday, The Last of the Famous International Playboys, Life is a Pigsty, Girlfriend in a Coma, I Will See You in Far Off Places, The First of the Gang to Die and You Have Killed Me. I'm sure there were more, but of course now it's all jumbled in my head with songs that I've been listening to for weeks and now I can't remember if I actually heard them last night or if they're fresh in my mind because I've been listening to said compilation all morning.
And if you don't know Morrissey or The Smiths... I'm telling you NOW to look into them. You have no idea what you're missing!!

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Katrena said...

One of the best concerts ever! So glad we went! :)