Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's like 1993 today...

So... I'm driving around town looking for Cotton Candy flavored Smackers for my wonderful sister-in-law's birthday* listening to my stereo in the car on random play. It's a Beautiful Life by Ace of Base+ comes on and no joke... a kid in a BRAND NEW looking Stussy shirt runs out in front of me as I'm driving through the parking lot. So I get home and google them. Yes, they're still in comission^! But it was a shirt that was SO popular when I was a kid, I swear at that moment I thought I was back in 6th grade again. Except for the fact that I had boobs and could drive. Ha ha! I wish I could find the stinking shirt online but it predates the internet (okay not factually, but I promise there weren't a lot of people putting up Stussy shirt designs in '95). It was the black one with the big round logo in back with red, yellow and green stripes. Anyone who's seen it will remember it. Just a great laugh today if nothing else

*We'd had a conversation about how she can't seem to find them anymore and I found them a couple weeks back... and fortunately she doesn't read my blog or I couldn't tell you this story now LOL

+Yes, I still proudly admit to listening to and loving them. I also listen to the Spice Girls on a regular basis... the playlist is called "Europop Trash" on my iPod. ;)

^Okay, I've seen the logo on things in recent years but this particular shirt is one of the first ones I ever remember seeing and I haven't seen it in brand new condition since middle school.

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