Monday, October 23, 2006

Amazing reads

And fantastic ametuer art. I've had this posted on my links list for forever. Post Secret is the greatest blog ever. I own the first book. The 2nd comes out tomorrow. I'll be picking it up this week. The 3rd is due out in January 2007. Proceeds go to the Suicide hotline. It's an awesome project. If you haven't checked it out before, you really should. Frank updates with new postcards on Sundays and emailed responses periodically during the week.

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Dot said...

I bought BOTH PostSecret books yesterday- I never bought the first one cuz you and Bob had it and I could read it while visiting. :) But now, I have them both. And I must say, I like the first one better for some reason. Sure, there's a few good postcards in the second one, but overall, the first book is better, in my opinion. What did you think about it?