Tuesday, October 10, 2006

There's a smile on my face for everyone

Last night I was in a great mood. I was put there despite my aggrivations with myself for leaving yet another paper to the last minute (unintenionally this time... I totally forgot until late SUNDAY night that I had a paper due Tuesday) by the intoxicating sound of Danny Elfman. The man should start his own religion. My nano was on shuffle and on came Just Another Day. This man's voice is beyond words. From the first time I ever heard it (Dead Man's Party on the radio) something about it shook me to my core. I feel it in my gut. There's just a tug of something that I could never describe.

Now I don't consider myself a hardcore Oingo Boingo fan because I don't even consider the band in my top 5 (maybe top 10, top 15 for sure). I don't love all their songs either. I've noticed that over the years it's the more melodic ones I truely love. The faster paced ones are a lot of fun and I do enjoy them, but it's the "slower" ones when I can hear his magical tones that get me. (I say "slower" as some songs can be so fast that he can be so fast that it sounds like a chipmunk about to go into seizures.)

I cried when they had their farewell show. I was never able to see them in concert (since I was in 9th grade when it all ended on Halloween '95 *sob*). Most of the band has gotten together since for "reunion" shows, but I won't go if Danny isn't there, and he isn't as he's too busy now. He's the magic behind the band, the force and power.

I think it's also why Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies. For those that don't know, Jack Skellington's singing voice is also done by Danny. All this from a man that was self taught how to read/write/play music. (Let's not get me REALLY started... I did a whole report on this guy and how his music influences Tim Burton's movies)

Okay... time to go to work. Enough soul pouring for one day. ;)

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