Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is Halloween

First and foremost... Happy Hollow Weenie!! ;) All you Christmas people can now get

So in case you haven't heard yet... Nightmare Before Christmas has a new re-release of the soundtrack. This is to go along with the re-release of the movie in 3D. I bought it last Wednesday and love it. It's a 2 disc edition, disc 1 being the classic soundtrack. The 2nd disc was the reason for buying it (as I've already owned the original for years). It has several covers of songs from the movie.

Artists are:

Marilyn Manson- This is Halloween, the man really knows how to cover great music, I always enjoy his work
Fiona Apple- Sally's Lament, it's fantastic to hear her voice again and an IMPROVEMENT upon the original recording
Panic! at the Disco- This is Halloween, they're always awesome, I have yet to be disappointed with something they do. I was just a little bummed that they didn't pick another song as MM's version totally out shone this one
She Wants Revenge- Kidnap the Sandy Claws, I was actually a little disappointed with their job... not too creative, just slow techno
Fall Out Boy- What's This?, fun, like the band and the true spirit of the song
Danny Elfman- these are demos that he did for the movies as mock-ups for formulating puppet scenes and storyboards. I think several of them are shown on the DVD in storyboard form but its fun to have them all on sound files now because they’re worth listening to as well. Danny sings all the parts and cues, just another testament of his fantastic talent. The songs also include lines that were later deleted from the film… fun to see the work in progress.

We saw the 3D incarnation of the movie last weekend at the El Capitan. It was so much fun. None of the cheesy 3D effects that are usually in movies (I was soo hoping they didn't add anything corny). It really just adds dimension to the whole picture. It looks more like you're looking into another world with different actors, rather than an animated/flat world. Industrial Light Magic was behind the transformation so I send a huge kudos their way as it was done wonderfully. They truly are masters. It was also great to see it on the big screen again. I saw it when it came out the first time, 13 years ago, for my 12th birthday. It's all I wanted to do. I didn't care about presents or cake that year, just seeing Tim Burton's latest work of art. It's funny how some things don't ever change. :)

Last night I helped Katie put her costume together. All summer she talked about being Lenore, the cute little dead girl. All summer long my mother told her to get her butt in gear and get a pattern and material while it was available, cheap and she had time to help. It didn't happen. Mom didn't have time, little girl put it off too long and was being REALLY picky about back-up clothing lying around the house. Big sister to the rescue! I made her hair clips out of some Bazzill cardstock and Diamond Glaze. She had to let the glaze dry overnight so she was supposed to hot glue them to black bendy clips this morning. I helped her realize that she's really just dressing up for fun with her friends and they would know who she is being. We washed her Lenore t-shirt (last years Christmas present from yours truly) and found a suitable black skirt. Roxanne is supposed to document it photographically for me.

I also consoled her by telling her that NEXT summer she'll sew a Lenore dress while Roxanne and I try to figure out how to sew Little Red Riding Hood and American McGee's Alice dresses. Then next year we'll all have kick azz costumes. She didn't seem to think that'd work as she wouldn't have a place to wear it (um, just because you're not in high school anymore doesn't mean you don't have a place to wear a costume silly!). She got happier when she realized that she may go to Comic Con next fall too, at least she can wear it then! Silly girl, who told you that you can grow up and act like a drama queen teenager? I guess now that she's 17 she can have a small melt-down once in awhile. ;)


Laura said...

I sure don't miss being 17! lol Working on halloween costumes in the summer is a great idea. Maybe i can try that :)

I've thought about seeing the 3d, but I don't know if the kids would like it. And it's not important enough to me to use a date night to see it LOL

Dot said...

I SAW IT YESTERDAY! Awesome. /love