Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Because it will affect you

we all need to be aware of this month's message. Every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed, can we really ignore it? Even men get it. Not only that but all men have a mother and quite possibly a wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt, grandmother or daughter. It's people like Momma Sue that are lost to this disease that bring it to the forefront of the minds of people like me. I want Malia and Heather to tell their girls about what their mother died from as this horrible disease that is no longer a threat, much like my Grandmother used to tell me stories about Polio. This month's posts are dedicated to Sue and my friend Jessica's grandmother who died last December.

This month I'll be linking to awesome sites that will either give great information, raise money for the cure or both. As I go I'll be adding them to my Think Pink section to the right. My Pink Archive will also take you to a quick reference to all my previous Pink posts. If this disease hasn't changed your life yet... it will. I work against it today so that my daughters won't have to.

Today's link is to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They're the ones that put on the 3-Day walk every year across the country. They're also the ones that co-operate with Yoplait USA every year with the pink lids. They actually do a lot of work with major corporations that help raise money for the cause. Usually it's for things that you would normally buy at the grocery store or do on a regular basis anyway. Please check out their corporate partners section to find out what things they have going on this month and year-round.

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