Monday, October 09, 2006

A whole range of emotions

Post Secret has been really good the last 2 weeks. My favorite last week was this one.
As a child growing up, I hated my freckles. I remember liking them (or at least not caring/noticing) until I got teased in 2nd or 3rd grade. Looking back I don't know why it even mattered. I think the kids that teased me about it also gave me a complex about my WHITE legs. Being of Polish/Scottish/English descent... what else was I gonna be? Reverse discrimination DOES happen. Any "see through" white kid from So. Cal can tell you that. If you don't tan, you're a freak around here. Keep your skin cancer I say! But as a 7 year old, I didn't have that knowledge or confidence to back up such an attitude. I say confidence... but I still refuse to wear shorts/skirts most the time and when I do wear a skirt... you can bet I'm wearing nylons underneath. YUCK! I'm just still uncomfortable showing off my glowing legs.

This one made me laugh. I remember my mom teaching us to do this once on a rainy day. It's a fun game. We were always cracking up before we hit the 3rd circle around.

I saw this third one and immediately became depressed. I want to see this change in Matthew. I want that something so little. Its at times like this where school is so dissatisfying and just dragging along that I get most aggravated. I know I shouldn't be in such a rush... but I had wanted to be a YOUNG mother. I turn 25 next month. That hardly qualifies anymore. *sigh* I think it's especially hard when it seems like everyone I know is having kids.

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Hildur Sólveig said...

Ok.. I´m a total dork... but I found the freckles picture on your blog and I stole it so I though I would have to thank you for it because it is so cute! I too was a freckly kid, called freckles, and hated them ;) Cheers from Iceland!