Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm so glad I checked Dooce tonight

While I'm in the safety of my own home and in no danger of getting caught due to the fits of laughter I've been emitting for the last 5 minutes. My face is soaked with tears and I can't take it anymore. Granted Heather didn't write my object of humor tonight, but her funny links lead me to 2 different areas to make me say "What the friggin' hell?"

First would be the new Kojak corpse dolls. She refers to her daughter's freakishly ugly dolls a few times (here and here for instance). Her link board had this to say today... "The Butt Ugly Gang! on Flickr If at all possible these dolls are more frightening than the ones in Leta's collection. Proceed with caution. " She wasn't kidding folks. Go through all the photos... and read the comments. I will never look at a tire iron again in the same way.

The second was extremely funny in part... but can be considered offensive. I just want y'all to know that you gotta take this as a joke upon all the lovelies that find images of holy people in toast or their cornflakes.

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